Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Salad days

Remember those currants from the last post? I fell in love with them. Addicted, you might say. Which is funny, because I have no reason to feel addicted to currants.....I mean, why not just plain raisins? But when you add cinnamon and sugar and let them soak? Well, it definitely kicks those puppies up a notch.

So what if salad seems to be all I'm eating these days? (It's not, but it seems to be the only thing I bother to photograph and write about.) We're still having some gloomy weather here, but I'm in one of those "I must have greens!" moods, so salad works for me.......endless variety of ingredients, wonderful contrasts of flavors, all brightened by a zippy vinagrette. Besides, when you're eating by yourself, you don't even have to take it out of the bowl. How's that for easy clean-up?

So this time I marinated some chicken and cooked it on the grill. Someone had given me her home-made guava syrup, to which I added a little soy and some red chili to make a quick marinade. If you don't happen to have a friend who hands you this lovely gift, you can find it at Amazon. Click here for the link.

The rest was easy - assorted baby greens, a small, heirloom tomato, currants, cukes - whatever you've got. The currants worked well with the zesty chicken on the one hand, and a cool cucumber on the other. My dressing was the same as the last post.



Penny said...

I baked some butternut squash the other day and decided the leftovers would be good in salad. Like the idea of currents. Glad your weather is improving.

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

Sounds like a great salad - I love my salads with lots of interesting things in there. We have started eating them regularly again, which definitely means that spring is here!

Unknown said...

Penny - Somehow the combination of butternut squash and salad seems to be saying "winter to spring" in my mind.

Jenn - Well, you probably have all kinds of things beginning to poke up in your garden - all those cool weather crops that constitute salad.