Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fresh, fresh, fresh

I once tried to do a week's worth of cooking based on the alphabet. I don't know what came over me, but I decided that I'd try making each meal with the main ingredients of only one letter. For "A", I think I might have used apples, but I could have just as easily used "Asian pears". (I'm flexible. I don't recall now what I paired that with (Angus beef?)"B my name is butternut squash"....and I'd be delicious with bass..C is easy. I love cauliflower! And it could be paired with crab, or made into a chowder with corn.
D can be done with delicata squash..and Dover sole?You get the picture. The only important thing then, as it is now, is that the food be fresh.

I'm not sure how far down I made it before I was invited out to join other people for dinner. There's no way to do this in a restaurant, so that ended my alphabet soup. Or stew. Whatever.

Have you ever done anything quite this crazy? What's your version of playing with your food?


Susan said...

This is a fun idea, but I've never been all that organized for a project of this undertaking (maybe I've just got too much else going on), although there are themed events like alphabet and color cooking around the blogs. I seem to recall a color or two that I joined in on. ; )

Toni said...

Oh, it's just this weird brain thing I get from time to time. Sort of a warped sense of humor. Trust me, Susan, I've got more than enough going on!

Chris said...

I love this idea, Toni! Its a fun way of adding to your love of cooking. ;) I think the only thing I really do is try to pick up something uncommon that is random and try to incorporate it somehow. (like kumquats this week)

tasteofbeirut said...

Fun! I am not that disciplined!

Toni said...

Chris - I'm sure it came out of some weird kind of boredom or something. (I'm not really sure how one ever gets bored, but I don't know WHERE this idea came from!)

Joumanna - I'm not either. I don't think I made it past "C"!

Anonymous said...

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P.S. Cauliflower was never my favorite though.

Brett Sutcliffe said...

Can you keep posting from E to Z..
Love your interesting idea.