Monday, January 22, 2007

Baked Apples

I was reading the 28 cooks recent post "Behind The Apron Roundup", suggesting that we post our photos on our blogs so that others will see whose wonderful recipes we are enjoying. So if I can figure out the technical part of this, my photo will appear at the bottom of this post. If not, I'll have to do another posting just for that.

But today's blog is about baked apples, one of my favorite winter comfort foods. Baked apples take me back to my childhood on Long Island, where the winters were cold and the kitchen was warm. Baked apples make me think of dragging my sled up the little hill on our front lawn and coasting down it, or "bellywhoppin'" down the street with our sleds. Baked apples meant mom's in the kitchen, all's right with the world.

So here is my own variation on baked apples, which is a cross between my mom's recipe, my friend Lisa's, and my own inability to follow anyone else's recipe. Abysmally simple, and absolutely scrumptious.

4 large rome apples
4 TBS butter or substitute (Smart Balance, Earth Balance etc.)
2 heaping TBS brown sugar
dash of cinnamon
3/4 tsp orange extract or orange liqueur

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon together in a small bowl. When thoroughly blended, add the extract.

Wash apples thoroughly and core. (That's the biggest job.) Place them in a shallow baking dish. Place equal amounts of the butter/brown sugar mixture in the center of each apple. Bake for 50 minutes, or until apple skins start to split.

Note: I don't like to peel my apples for this dish. I love eating the baked skins. They're delicious and add fibre to the food.

I like serving this dish with plain yogurt in the center. You can substitute anything else that appeals to you - vanilla flavored yogurt, sour cream - whatever.
Hey! This worked! OK, so you already know that I grew up on Long Island. I've migrated west since then. I lived for 12 years in New Mexico (future posts on my love affair with chili) and worked as a potter. Now I live in San Diego and am an acupuncturist and herbalist. Food and photography are my hobbies, though obviously food photography isn't my strongest suit. (I'm a people photographer primarily). But I'm learning!


Christina said...

This is a great recipe! Thanks for your variation. I look forward to trying it soon. And - the picture is great!

Chris said...

Oops- I hit enter too quick! The comment above from Christina is me - Pebbles from Mele Cotte. Have a great week!

Toni said...

Thanks Pebbles! I'm glad you liked the picture - I'm fumbling through food photography without the "right" equipment. Learning as I go -- don't we all?

And thanks for inspiring me to come out from "Behind The Apron"! Have a great week, too!

Linda said...

it almost looks too beautiful to eat! can't wait to try it! -- i too am in love with this photo!

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Well it's great to see your photo!

Also a great apple recipe - I love baked apples!

Anonymous said...
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