Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Daily Bread

We are all familiar with the phrase. We've heard it recited and perhaps have recited it ourselves regularly. "Give us this day our daily bread..."

Think about it.

Daily bread. Not daily protein and vegetables. Daily bread. In today's carbophobic world, that phrase is threatened with extinction. Bread has become the enemy. Bread is the whole reason we are fat. Bread makes us sleepy. Bread is the source of all that is unwanted.

But is it? Most of us are familiar with what is commonly referred to as the "French Paradox". The fact that the French, whose diet includes lots of bread, a higher fat content butter than we use here in the U.S., wine, fatty meat etc. - those French people have a lower rate of heart disease than we do. How is this possible?

I'm not sure if anyone has come up with a definitive answer, but one theory says that it just might be the bread in their diet. Or, at least that bread is one contributing factor.

The food which has sustained humans since biblical times, the food which has always been thought of as synonamous with food itself is bread. And when you look back into history, you will see that people did not gain weight by eating bread.

There is much to be explored in this topic. I will go into it more in tomorrows post, and it is a theme I intend to return to periodically.

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