Saturday, January 6, 2007

Recovering ourselves

We have been through the holidays, the sugar saturation, the alchohol and fat frenzy, and now we think "Whew! Glad that's over!" Especially when we look in the mirror. But it's more than our outer bodies that have been over indulged. Our inner bodies, our energetic selves, have been subjected to extraordinary changes over the last month. So many of us stock up on energy bars and hit the gym. The same frenzy that drove us while we partied through the holidays drives us to straighten up and start "getting healthy". In the long run, we do further damage to this energetic body by pushing it, pulling it, squeezing and forcing it into our habits du jour.

After all, is this frenzy any more healthy than the last? What do we mean when we say "healthy", anyway? Is it the absence of symptoms? A thinner body? The ability to do 300 crunches at the gym? Or is it, as the ancient sages used to say, to live a life in balance?

I think my cat has a handle on what healthy means. She eats when she's hungry, and only when she's hungry, even though her food is available to her 24/7. She sleeps when she's tired. She plays when she's in the mood, avoids me when she's not in the mood, and cuddles and "kisses" when she needs to. She avoids expectations and lives in the moment.

So I have decided to take a lesson from her. I love food, love to cook and eat. But I also love to move - to walk fast, to dance, to swim, etc. In other words, I enjoy my senses, and I try to live with the body I have and enjoy it. In the long run, I believe that this is far healthier than screeching on the food brakes and amping up the treadmill. Besides, it tastes better!

Future posts will contain some healthy, tasty, working person friendly food tips and recipes!

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zevo hussein calamari said...

We should all live the lives our cats do... they know much better and seem to enjoy life way more than we humans do.

jeanie marie kraft L.Ac.